Frequently Asked Questions

What is a #JoyAtHomeShoot?

#JoyAtHomeShoot photography is a new concept where a photographer will join you virtually to guide you through a fun photo shoot with your family, all through your mobile phone. We’re sure that your whole family will feel relaxed and enjoy the session.

Will you come to my house?

No, we can capture the photographs all through your mobile phone.

How long does it take?

A session takes around 30 minutes

What do I need for the session?

You need access to a mobile phone or tablet, you’ll need to download an app prior to your photo shoot, details of this will be provided. Good natural or artificial lighting and a sense of humour are important too! Favourite toys and props make great additions and any family pets can join in too!

How much does it cost?

We are currently offering your first session for FREE and you can choose to purchase the images of your choice afterwards. There are different options available, starting from £40, including digital images and the fantastic ‘Joy’ Digital photo album. Your photographer will explain these to you.

How can I book?

Simply complete the form and select a time suitable to you. Your photographer will then be in touch.

How can I prepare?

To help you get the get the most from your session, here are some important things you will need:

  • A fully charged phone or tablet
  • A good internet connection
  • A good source of natural or artificial light
  • Some patience and a sense of humour!

On Shoot Day, please prepare:

  • Clothing: have your family wear matching or complementary colours.
  • Your home: Please tidy the main areas of your home as the photographer will help you select the best setting for the shoot.
  • Props: Anything of personal interest e.g. toys, books, hats, pets etc.
  • Ways to keep your phone upright e.g. a chair, box, selfie stick, tripod etc.

Tips for a Newborn Portrait:

  • It’s lovely to have the whole family involved, so make sure everyone is around to be in the photos
  • A soft cuddly blanket can add texture and colour to your portraits
  • A cuddly teddy to accompany your little one is bound to make everyone’s heart melt

I need to cancel my photo shoot?

You can cancel or rearrange your appointment by simply clicking on the buttons within your confirmation email.

What happens when I have my photo shoot?

Your photographer will connect with you via the app at your chosen time. They will then guide you on how to get the most out of the shoot. They may take photos in a few different areas of your home or garden.The most important thing is to just have fun! The photographer will do the rest!

What happens after my photo shoot?

Your images will be professionally edited after your shoot. You will receive an email asking you to book a follow up appointment, around 5 days after your session. Your photographer will then present you with up to 20 images, so you can choose your favourites.

I purchased my images; how do I receive them?

After you purchase you will receive an email containing a zip file, Alternatively, Images can be downloaded via the Joy Album App. This is free to download by searching for Joy Album on the App store or Play store.

Open the App and create an account using the same email address you used when making your purchase. An album will be shared to your account containing your purchased images, please allow up to 2 working days for this.

To download images;

  1. Open the image you wish to download by tapping on it.
  2. Open the options by tapping the 3 dots in the top right.
  3. Choose ‘Download’ and the image will be saved to your Camera Roll
  4. Alternately, choose ‘Share’ to choose from other options.
  5. Repeat for all the images and videos you wish to download.

What is Joy?

Joy is a beautiful new device that lets you organise and share your family memories by connecting you with your family whether they’re at home or miles away.  The Joy Album showcases your photos and videos in beautiful layout and even allows you to record the stories behind the moments.This is great for family members that don’t live near by. You can share memories daily and the grandparents don’t have to miss out. They can be part of your family life daily. Here are some of its many features:

Photo Sharing with Family: We take so many photos and videos. Joy is the best way to share these moments. You can buy one Joy Album for your home and one for the grandparents and easily share baby photos!

Videos: You can finally watch all the videos that are stuck on our phones.

VoiceNotes: You can leave VoiceNotes by pressing and holding on any photo. This lets you share stories with future generations or send messages to family and friends.

Wireless Charging: Joy comes with this wireless charging stand. When you’re not using it, it plays in Slideshow mode.

Easy Sharing with iOS and Android apps: Any of your family members can download the free Joy Album app and share to any device.

I need help, who can I contact?

Please email us and we will be happy to help.